April 21, 2023

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve got enough “focus!” lectures under my belt to last a lifetime. You can almost hear the lecture before it even starts – an overzealous teacher hovering just out of arm’s reach, ready to unleash their fury on anyone daring not to pay attention in class! Believe me, keeping focused when what was being said was oh-so BORING…talk about a struggle!! But let’s face it: if there isn’t something of value being presented in an entertaining way, why bother? Snore-fest!

Focusing seemed like another word for torture, especially when it came to the dull lectures of our grade school days. Our teachers meant well, yet their speeches felt more akin to a snooze-fest than an inspiring speech! The real question on everyone’s mind was, “What value is there in this long-winded ‘word vomit’ regurgitated straight out of the textbook?” As if we couldn’t read it ourselves.

Well, here’s the problem – we’re told to focus by people in our lives without being taught how to do it. Concentration can seem like an elusive skill that few have mastered – you’re given instructions to focus without knowing what it really takes or how exactly to do it! If life is a test, focusing and concentrating are two of the toughest questions. Unfortunately, neither one comes with an answer key – we’re just left to figure it out on our own!

About the author 

Dallas Holland

Marketing Strategist & Business Coach with a high obsession with seeing other people succeed. After many years of study, discipline, and repetition, I have cultivated the core strengths of copywriting, speaking, mastering storytelling, and marketing with a central focus on creating irresistible offers. My personal strengths are compassion, listening, and the art of communication. My God trait is the love of people and a heart to serve.

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